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exploring the synergy between

Fashion & Sustainability

since 2007

by passionately marrying

by passionately marrying

since 2007


100% Locally Handcrafted

The Vanina products are all handcrafted in Lebanon, the brand's home country.


In Partnership with NGOs

Vanina has established a decentralized network of production through close collaboration with local NGOs and communities.


A Growing & Empowered Community

What started as a team of 5 artisans in a 10 meter square atelier is today a family of more than 70 artisans - women of different ages and backgrounds, trained at Vanina's workshops and working from their homes or individual ateliers, passionately handcrafting products while improving the livelihoods of their families and communities.


A Growing Distribution Network

Vanina has been exporting its products since 2009. Currently, it is sold in more than 20 countries, on the five continents.


International Partners

Vanina works closely with its international distributors and stockists. Its wholesale global expansion focuses on building long term partnerships with handpicked progressive luxury platforms such as Net-A-Porter,

Farfetch, Browns, Nordstrom, Harvey Nichols, La Samaritaine, Luisaviaroma, among others.


Online Store

The Vanina products are also sold internationally on the brand's online shop.


Detailed & Experimental

Throughout the years, VANINA has developed its own handcraft techniques, allowing to explore a wide range of materials while empowering the artisans through the development of creativity and skill.



While many of the Vanina artisans were masters of a craft inherited from previous generations, many others were trained in-house in the skill of artisanship, and are now mastering one or several of the Vanina-developed techniques of meticulous handcraft.


A Personal Journey

Every Vanina product hides within its tag the name of the artisan who patiently manufactured it.



Cutting-edge Techniques

The handcraft is paired with innovative techniques of manufacturing which allow for high-precision and carefully calibrated detailing, preparing for artisanal assembly processes.


Product Traceability & Quality Control

Vanina has established a closed-loop manufacturing network that allows full product traceability while ensuring high level of monitoring and high-standard quality control along the supply chain.


Sourcing Policy

Vanina's sourcing policy requires ecological and ethical considerations when it comes to raw materials. Locally and organically grown materials are prioritized in order to reduce pollution and carbon emissions. Our collections invest in new material explorations, by merging cutting edge technologies with traditional techniques of production.


Traditional Crafts

Through its products, Vanina aims to preserve artisanal heritage and is committed to promoting and developing local traditional craftsmanship. These crafts have been passed along through generations, and are currently threatened to disappear.



Vanina's design methodology draws lessons from the rich history of art and fashion design, composing a timeless form of retro-modern style that merges playfulness with elegance, opulence with minimalism, and luxury with ecology.




Digital Fabrication

As part of its material transformation techniques, Vanina makes use of digital fabrication methods such as 3D-printing, CNC Milling, and Laser Cutting.


Parametric 3D Design

The designers explore emerging parametric design software to develop the digital fabrication files and the 3D patterns used for the creation of the pieces.


Innovation & Sustainability

The choice of these technologies, as well as their combination with traditional handcraft technique, allow to embed sustainable manufacturing principles within the production chain such as zero-waste manufacturing, up-cycling, mass-customization, and adaptability through continuous differentiation.

waste is luxury


Since its first collection 'coined', which was based on the up-cycling of old devalued Lebanese Lira, Vanina has been exploring several concepts of material reuse and transformation. Through this approach, the designers aim at pointing at the inherent beauty lying in our everyday, by turning obsolete objects of mass consumption into fashion statements that raise awareness about the potential value of waste, the beauty of the banal, but also the obsoleteness of single use products.


Material Remediation

The mix of digital technologies and traditional crafts methods used by Vanina enables the brand to compose its own material transformation techniques and to re-use discarded non-recyclable materials such as plasticized aluminum food packets. This is realized through collaboration with local NGOs to promote system change initiatives and awareness campaigns, to help alleviate the waste crisis that Lebanon currently suffers from.


Zero-Waste Manufacturing

Since 2015, Vanina has been collecting all the textile and leather left-overs of its pattern-making process to transform them into new products. Using different techniques of assembly, from embroidery, to sewing, to weaving, these 'Vanina Zero' lines propose to re-create unique products from our multi-colored palette of leftovers.



The textile selected in our clothing and accessories lines are sourced from deadstock fabrics of local suppliers.


Research & Development

Vanina invests in R&D for sustainable material innovation. This long-term track realized with local and international design labs aims at creating waste-based and organic materials alternatives.


Effortless yet Generous

Vanina's products celebrate femininity by promoting a lifestyle of effortless yet generous beauty. It values detailed and experimental craftsmanship, through delicate and bold fashion products inspired by nature and the arts.


Nature's Way

Vanina's design approach is inspired by nature, in both shapes and systems. Consideration of closed-loop, zero-waste, material transformations, and versatility of the pieces drive lessons from biomimicry.



Fashion as Art

We see fashion as an art form that offers possibilities for cultural expression in visual terms. Beneath their light and playful glamour, the Vanina products hide a passionately engaged activism. Many of the products operate on a conceptual level and formulate a statement, glamorously disrupting problematic standards of our contemporary societies, and calling for the consideration of responsible and humane alternatives.


A Social Enterprise

Vanina is structured as a social enterprise. Its strategy prioritizes social and environmental impact throughout its supply chain. Through its products and collections, the company invests in local community development and empowerment.