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VANINA Fleurette Necklace n-fleurette_pearl_
VANINA Fleurette Earrings e-fleurette-3_pearl_
VANINA Fleurette Earrings e-fleurette-2_pearl_
VANINA Fleurette Earrings e-fleurette-1_pearl_
VANINA Fantaisie Earrings e-fantaisie-3_pearl_
VANINA Fantaisie Earrings e-fantaisie-2_pearl_
VANINA Fantaisie Earrings e-fantaisie-1_pearl_
VANINA Love Letter Earrings e-love letter-1_white_
VANINA Nuances Earrings e-nuances-8_white_
VANINA Nuances Earrings e-nuances-7_white_
VANINA Nuances Earrings e-nuances-4_white_
VANINA Nuances Earrings e-nuances-3_white_
VANINA Nuances Earrings e-nuances-2_white_
VANINA Nuances Earrings e-nuances-1_white_
VANINA Holiday Earrings e-holidays-4_white pear and gold_
VANINA Holiday Earrings e-holidays-3_pearl_
VANINA Clochette Earrings e-clochette-3_white_
VANINA Clochette Neckalce n-clochette-1_white_

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