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VANINA Love Bracelet b-chain-love_gold_
VANINA Eternity Choker c-chain-eternity_gold_
VANINA Love Choker c-chain-love_gold_
VANINA Darling Choker c-chain-darling_gold_
VANINA Darling Bracelet b-chain-darling_gold_
VANINA Eternity Bracelet b-chain-eternity_gold_
VANINA Lasagne Set b-set-lasagne_gold_
VANINA Linguine Set b-set-linguine_gold_
VANINA Spagetti Set b-set-spagetti_gold_
VANINA Gemelli Bracelet b-metisse-2_gold_
VANINA Riccioli Choker c-metisse-4_gold_
VANINA Fusilli Choker c-metisse-3_gold_
VANINA Linguine Choker c-metisse-1_gold_
VANINA Circle Earrings e-met-circle-2_gold_
VANINA Mini Circle Earrings e-met-circle-1_gold_
VANINA Mini Heart Earrings e-met-hearts-1_gold_
VANINA Flowers Earrings e-met-flowers-2_gold_
VANINA Riccioli Earrings e-metisse-4_gold_
VANINA Fusilli Earrings e-metisse-3_gold_
VANINA Gemelli Earrings e-metisse-2_gold_
VANINA Holiday Earrings e-holidays-4_white pear and gold_
VANINA Holiday Earrings e-holidays-4_pearl twist and gold_
VANINA Holiday Earrings e-holidays-4_grey pear and gold_
VANINA Holiday Earrings e-holidays-4_gold twist and gold_
VANINA Holiday Earrings e-holidays-3_pearl_
VANINA Holiday Earrings e-holidays-2_gold sphere and gold_
VANINA Holiday Earrings e-holidays-2_gold cone and gold_
VANINA Holiday Earrings e-holidays-2_oval pearl and gold _
VANINA Holiday Earrings e-holidays-1_pearl_

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