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because our love for ethical luxury goes beyond fashion

'Vanina Loves' is a mini concept store within our Beirut Flagship in which we host a curated selection of local creations; objects and ideas that will lighten up your home and lifestyle.
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meet some of the brands we're hosting



"Founded in 2016, Albi is a group of four Lebanese architects who have experience in design, digital prototyping, production and strategy. After living and working in New York, London, Paris and Beirut, the different backgrounds came together to form a sturdy energetic quartet."

vanina loves - albi



"Zenobie is a playful stationery brand created in April 2015 by illustrator Zeina Bassil in her small atelier in Beirut, out of her love of pattern, prints and paper!

Zenobie takes inspiration from myths and old tales from the East and West, embodying the warmth and joie de vivre of the Mediterranean people.

All the designs start out as hand drawings by pencil and colored ink and are then printed using the finest paper and printing techniques found in Beirut. "

vanina loves - zeinobie


senteurs d'orient

"Senteurs d'Orient is a mother-daughter story: Our story originates from a shared passion for bathing rituals and a social cause close to our hearts.

Senteurs d’Orient’s story begins with Hana, whose journey took her from East to East, starting in Tokyo and finding its way to Beirut, Lebanon. Inspired by the bathing rituals of the Far and Middle East, she aimed to create handcrafted soap that captures the Orient’s most treasured flowers, blossoms and senses for a unique bathing experience. It is in the heart of the soap-making region of the world that Senteurs d’Orient was born.

Driven by female entrepreneurial spirit, Senteurs d’Orient is committed to keeping female empowerment at the heart of our brand. We are proudly committed to employ women in every role, while the sale of our products support the education of women in partnership with the United Nations Development Programme."

vanina loves - senteurs d'orient
"Moonet El Jabal was created to explore the rich natural flavors of our mountains. All our products are made from naturally home-grown produce or from wild hand-picked herbs and fruits to create the most flavorful products. Our products are a perfect choice for those looking for a healthy alternative to the mass produced food products of our times. All our products are free from any additives, chemicals, or preservatives."
vanina loves - moonet el jabal
" The Beit Chabeb handicap hospital is a sacred spot established away from the city life and home to the courageous men who fought through the Lebanese civil war. 
A space has been established inside the hospital dedicated to promoting and boasting the beautiful handiwork created by these men who choose to lead a self-reliant life free from any disability stereotype. 
Roukoz, chandler and manager at the hospital is an impassioned man who has restored pride to the occupants who were once convinced of their diminished value to society. All proceeds from the candles now allow these men to sustain their own lives. "
vanina loves - college des handicapes de beit chebab
" Koullouna is a subscription box that aims to connect all 
Lebanon-lovers to the country."
A monthly selection of handpicked products made in Lebanon shipped along with their stories in a surprise monthly box. 
The best part: "in every box, you will also discover a Lebanese initiative with a positive impact on the country to which 10% of your subscription was donated. So you're actually helping Lebanon grow from afar!"
vanina loves - koullouna


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