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The exhibit presents a retrospective view of our various collections that have followed coined, and how, through each concept, we’ve aimed to have positive impact and raise awareness about issues of our society.

Here’s a quick overview of the showcased concepts:

2007 | COINED – transforming old devalued lebanese lira into unique pieces of jewelry.
fashion is a tool because fashion values

2009 | DISCARD’ED – statement jewelry made by chopping thrown cds to make them bling again.
fashion is a tool because fashion upcycles

2013 | UNLOCKED – a jewelry line made using useless keys, formulated as an invitation to keep doors open.
fashion is a tool because fashion opens doors

2013 | CEASE-FIRE – ‘disarmed matches’ a jewelry line envisioned as a message of peace in these times of intense violence; a collaboration with ‘the permanent peace movement’ NGO.
fashion is a tool because fashion opens doors

2013 | CONSERV’ED – evening bags proposing a luxurious afterlife to tin-cans; with the help of arcenciel.
fashion is a tool because fashion collects

2013 | 90s we love you – hand-stitching in the palestinian camps of Lebanon; a collaboration with NGO Inaash.
fashion is a tool because fashion crosses boundaries

2013 | HALFA – a locally grown straw from the region of Accar handwoven in the village of Koueishra; a collaboration with l’Artisan du Liban.
fashion is a tool because fashion sources

2014 | STILL LIFE – celebrating nature’s blossoming beauty by marrying precious crystals with non-biodegradable plastic bags; a collaboration with Swarovski.
fashion is a tool because fashion celebrates

2015 | LEAVES – 3d-printed jewels reclaiming used paper sheets, carving out the stacks to regenerate the shapes of tree leaves. Ecology through technology. In collaboration with APP and MTP, using ‘MCOR’, the 3D Print Show Green Award Winner.
fashion is a tool because fashion regenerates

2015 | PLASTILE – diverting used plastic bags away from landfills to form our own rainbow of patterned cases. A creative collaboration with NK.
fashion is a tool because fashion remediates

2015 | PATCHES – our clothing manufacture goes zero-waste, with a series of scarves, handcrafted with the remains of our pattern-cutting.
fashion is a tool because fashion crafts

The exhibit will be on display throughout the month of june. Come see it live if you’re in town !

Where is it?
Mar Mikhael, Armenia St.
Saliba Market Bldg, 1rst Floor
(monday to friday – 12 to 8pm)
+961 1 448173



* ‘leaves’, ‘plastile’, and ‘patches’ are capsule collections launched in avant-premiere in our Vanina Store in Beirut, they are part of our 2016 collections.


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