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by vanina studio |


The journey of Vanina products starts way before they land in a shop, in a magazine, or on a woman’s body.
A necklace from the cease-fire collection starts its journey in a timber-man’s workshop in Jieh*, where the wood is prepared, colored and plastered. While at the same time, in Hamra*, laser cutting machines are preparing the base on which the sticks will be assembled. The chains are being cut and gold-plated in Roumieh*The Swarovski crystals are being welded in Burj Hammoud*The packaging box is being printed and folded in Madinat Sinahieh*And, once all the pieces are ready, the necklace comes together in our Zalka* workshop, and the message starts spreading.

*The Vanina products are all handcrafted in Lebanon. Our production currently spreads in various areas of Lebanon, through a decentralized system of teamwork which counts today 48 people involved in the production, 6 affiliated workshops, 18 factories, 21 suppliers, and 6 NGOs.