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Tatiana and Joanne celebrated Vanina's ten years anniversary last weekend at their new flagship store in Beirut, and have launched for the occasion a retrospective collection, "10 x 10", which proposes unique re-editions of their 10 favorite products. 
Here's a glimpse at the exclusive pieces, that are now available in-store and online.
Vanina's first collection
It all started in 2007, in the bedrooms of childhood friends Tatiana & Joanne, who decided to transform old devalued Lebanese Lira into unique pieces of jewelry. Marrying the coins with vintage charms and magazine cut-outs, this spontaneous up-cycled collection was the start of a 10 year exploration of sustainable fashion.
The world is a dance floor
A year after their first collection 'coined', Tatiana & Joanne decided to explore other materials than Lebanese Lira coins. Looking into objects of the everyday becoming obsolete, which hide an inherent beauty, they thought of old CDs.
Never fully dressed without a smile 
A year after the creation of the brand with our first jewelry collection ‘coined’, we started exploring apparel and accessories under the sub-label ‘les caprices de vanina’. These ‘caprices’ were at once dreamy and bold, comfy and shiny, simple and outrageous. This vest is a unique re-edition of our ‘reveries’ line.
Keep doors open
In 2012, a time when the real estate development in Beirut was creating more and more gated enclaves in the city, the Vanina team launched ‘unlocked’, a line that proposed to up-cycle useless keys, formulated as a sparkling invitation to keep doors open.
A colorful message of peace
You can try, and try, and again. These matches won’t light any fire. This collection, created in 2013 in collaboration with NGO ‘The Permanent Peace Movement’, was envisioned as a colorful message of peace in times of intense violence. The products helped finance one of the NGO’s awareness projects ‘against the use of small arms’.
A sparkling tribute to nature
In 2014, Vanina was selected by Swarovski Elements for this eco-luxury concept, which proposed to marry precious Swarovski crystals with non-biodegradable plastic bags. Using a parametric design software that allowed to adapt to the various sizes of plastic bags, the line aims for a zero-waste transformation of the material.
Printed jewels
Inspired by the shapes of tree leaves, this jewelry line explored a special 3D-printing technique to transform paper into jewelry. The new wood-like texture is then delicately painted by hand and mixed with Swarovski crystals.
Proposing a luxurious afterlife to tin-can
This bag is a special re-edition of our ‘conserved’ can-bag, which was the start of our ‘conserved’ eco-luxury project, realized in collaboration with Lebanese NGOs Arcenciel and SAWA.
Handcrafting for zero-waste
Since 2015, we have been collecting all the textile and leather left-overs of our pattern-making process to transform them into new products, which we call our ‘patches’. Using different techniques of assembly, from embroidery, to sewing, to weaving, our ‘patches’ line proposes to re-create unique products from our multi-colored palette of leftovers.
Weaving pearls
The most recent of our 10 selected items is this dress, entirely handcrafted through our very own ‘camelia’ weaving technique, released in 2017. Skilled artisans of Lebanon -ladies whose patience and kindness go beyond limits-, have put their love and care into creating this product. Wear it with pride, and make it dance!

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